Sindhi Wedding Rituals Customs

Posted on Thursday, December 26, 2019

Sindhi Wedding Rituals Customs are known for mouthwatering delicacies, different types of drinks, music and dancing. Although, you will find several marriage traditions similar to other communities, but the excitement and craziness, which you will find in a Sindhi marriage, makes it entirely different from others and a memorable one to remember for always. If you have earlier attended a Sindhi wedding then you may be aware that rituals hold an important place. You will find shades of Hinduism and Sufism in these weddings.

Kacchi misri

In this ritual, both the families formally meet each other after they finalize the match. The family of the bride and groom come together for an informal engagement ceremony. They bring gifts for each other. The bride and groom exchange misri and coconut. The sister of the groom comes forward to put a red scarf on the bride’s head and give her sweets and fruits.

Pakki Misri

This is a formal engagement ceremony and both the families announce it. This ritual usually takes place a couple of days before the wedding day. On this occasion, the groom’s family brings different types of gifts for the bride. These gifts include clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, fruits, and sweets. They pack these gifts in beautifully decorated hampers and place it in the lap of the bride. The groom’s mother gives an earthen pot, which has misri in it and the bride has to open this pot in front of all of them. Seven married women come forward with the mother of the bride and draw an image of Lord Ganesha on the earthen pot. They do it to invoke his blessings for this special occasion. This ceremony is performed in the presence of a priest; he offers prayers to the Lord. At last, the bride and groom exchange their rings. On this occasion, the priest calculates the best time for the wedding in accordance with the horoscopes of the bride and groom.

Berana Satsang

In this congregational prayer, every family member is supposed to be present. They pray to the lord Jhulelal and ask for the blessings. In Sindhi Wedding Rituals Customs, they pray for the successful completion of the wedding without any obstacles.

Dev Bithana

This ritual is performed at the houses of the bride and groom. The priest is called to install a stone grinder as the deity. After this ritual, the bride and groom are supposed to stay in their respective homes until they get married. They cannot come out of their homes. Find Indian Canadian dating site and Christian marriage dating site to life partner which perfect matching.


This ritual is very much similar to the Punjabi sangeet ceremony. The groom’s family calls women from their neighborhood as well as their relatives and friends to sing traditional folk wedding songs. They sing Lada and beat dholaks, women cannot resist the temptation to dance on this occasion.

Navgrahi Pooja

This Puja is offered to nine planets, gods, and goddesses on the wedding day. They pray to bless the couple and remove the hindrances from their path.


In Sindhi marriage, the couple has to take four pheras around the holy water. In the first three pheras, the bride leads whereas, in the last one, the groom comes forward.

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