Tamil Brahmin Wedding Customs And Rituals

Posted on Monday, December 09, 2019

Tamilians are famous for their elegant style and simplicity even if it is a big event like a wedding. You will not find Tamil weddings extravagant in comparison with North Indian weddings, yet they are rich in traditions. Tamilians keep it at top priority to follow all the rituals and traditions in a proper manner. In case, you have never attended a Tamil Brahmin Wedding Customs And Rituals, here is a list of sacred rituals and ceremonies of a Tamil wedding.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham

In Tamil weddings, this is the first ritual that is organized a day before the wedding day. Both the families come together to offer their prayers, they pray to God for an uninterrupted married life.

Sumangali Prarthanai

The term Sumangali means those women who are living a harmonious and prosperous married life. In this ritual, they organize a Puja and offer their prayer to Sumagalis. Bride seeks blessings for a happy and prosperous married life.

All the Sumangalis wear a traditional sari that has a length of 9 yards. This sari is also known as Madisar. Sumangalis are called in odd numbers for the Puja and after the completion of the Puja; they relish mouthwatering South Indian delicacies on a banana leaf.

Pallikai Thellichal

Tamil Brahmin Wedding Customs And Rituals are auspicious for the bride and groom. Family members fill seven earthen pots and decorate them with sandalwood. They fill these ports with nine types of grains with curd. After the ceremony is over, they immerse these pots in water to feed fishes.

Naandi Shrardham

The bride and groom’s family sit together and pray to the souls of their respective ancestors. Approximately 10 Brahmins are invited for the feast. Both families give them a treat of fruits, flowers, sweets, coconut, and traditional clothes. In return, they simply want blessings for the couple.


The bride’s family starts this ritual by performing a Ganesh Puja. The groom’s family members present a new sari, jewelry and other gifts to the bride. Similarly, the bride’s family presents new clothes for the groom. The bride and groom have to get dressed in the newly gifted apparel by each other’s family.

Then, the groom’s sister comes forward to apply a Chandan tilak and kumkum on the bride’s forehead. The bride’s brother is also supposed to do the same for the groom. Both sides offer garlands for the bride and groom. This ceremony is completed with the exchange of rings for the bride and groom.

Lagna Pathirikai

After the engagement ceremony is completed, a priest in the presence of family members and guests finalizes a wedding date. Lagna Pathirikai is known as an official wedding invitation.

Wedding rituals

Mangala Snaanam

The wedding day starts with the bath of the bride and groom in their respective houses. Turmeric, kumkum and oil is applied on the bride and groom. After some time, they take a bath and wear wedding apparel. Find life partner on Muslim matrimony site for marriage online.

Kashi Yatra

In this ritual, the groom has to pretend that he is not interested in marrying and that is why he is going on a pilgrimage to Kashi. He only took a few things like slippers, an umbrella and a walking stick along with him to start the journey. Bride’s father stops him and convinces him to marry his daughter.

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