Telugu Wedding Rituals Step By Step

Posted on Monday, December 09, 2019

Every state of India has a different culture, this is the reason you will find a different set of traditions and pre-marriage and post-wedding rituals. As far as Telugu Wedding Rituals Step-By-Step are concerned, they are similar to the Tamil rituals. The unique feature of a Telugu wedding is that they concentrate on spirituality rather than on other things.

Like in every state of India, weddings are not complete until women participate in it. In Telugu wedding, a ceremony or ritual is not complete until women participate in them. In Telugu culture, women are equal to men and in every aspect of their life and they give utmost respect to them. In this article, you will find Telugu Wedding Rituals Are Step-By-Step. 

Pre-wedding rituals and traditions


Elderly members of the family call priest at their home to finalize the wedding date. Telugu weddings can be organized around the year except in the months of Bhadrapad, Aashad and Shunya.


This ritual is very much similar to the Haldi ceremony in North India. They make a paste of turmeric powder and oil and apply it to the bride and groom. After this, they both are supposed to take a bath and wear new clothes. They put fresh flowers in the bride’s hair.


This ritual is held at the groom’s house. He is supposed to wear a holy silver thread. This shows that he is now ready to take the responsibility of his family. He is now graduated from bachelorhood to a responsible family person.

Kashi Yatra

This is similar to Tamil weddings, in which the groom pretends that he is going on a holy pilgrimage. This act of the groom shows that he is not interested in worldly pleasures. Then comes, the brother of the bride to stop him and promise him to give his sister’s hand.

Wedding rituals

Mangala Snaanam

In this ritual, the bride and groom have to take bath at their respective homes on the wedding morning. This is considered a holy bath and after this, they have to attend the Aarti.


After taking the bath, oil is applied to the bride and groom, in their respective houses. After this, all the family members perform an Aarti and pray for their happy married life.

Bride’s entry in the Mandap

Usually, the maternal uncle of the bride accompanies her to the Mandap. The bride and groom cannot see each other in the Mandap because there is a curtain between them. In some communities, uncles of the bride place a bamboo basket between the bride and the groom.


In this ritual, the bride and the groom have to apply a paste made of cumin and jaggery on each other’s hands. They have to do it from under the curtain. Find life partner on Punjabi  matrimony site for marriage online.


This is one of the most important rituals and performed by the parents of the bride. First, they have to wash the groom’s feet and then they give their daughter’s hand in the hands of the groom. After this, the groom promises to love their daughter and protect her for the rest of his life.

Mangalsutra ritual

At the time of this ritual, the curtain between the bride and groom is removed. The groom ties a Mangalsutra with three knots. 


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