Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony Explained

Posted on Thursday, December 26, 2019

A wedding is a commitment yet a celebration of culture and religion. If you have earlier attended a Hindu wedding ceremony, then you may be aware of the wedding rituals. People who have never attended a Hindu wedding may be curious to know about it, Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony Explained in this article.

Wedding date

A wedding date is decided in accordance with the movement of stars. With the help of a pandit or an astrologer best date is decided after calculating the position of planets. In this ceremony, the ancestral tree, Gautra, of three generations is announced. Gothra is not related to religion or the cast. The family members of the bride and groom tell about their ancestral lineage. In the Hindu religion, marriages are arranged within the same clan.


This musical party is arranged a few days before the wedding day. In this ceremony family members and friends come together to sing and dance. This is a moment of celebration for the upcoming union of bride and groom. Brothers and sisters of bride give their performances. Bride’s family members sing the traditional folk songs to welcome the groom’s family. Pre-wedding rituals are fun. The music celebration continues till the mehndi ceremony, which is held a day before the wedding day.

Mehndi ceremony

This is a common pre-wedding ritual in Hindu as well as in Muslim weddings. Henna paste is applied to make beautiful designs on the hands and feet of the bride. Female Relatives and friends of the bride and groom also make designs on their hands. This ceremony is usually held a day before the wedding day. The application of henna paste takes several hours in designing and drying before you can wash your hands. In the present scenario people, take the services of beauty parlors to make these designs.


This is an especially designed structure for the wedding ceremony. Usually, they construct it on an elevated platform and decorate it with beautiful flowers and fabric.


In the center of this structure, Mandap, a fire is ignited as a witness to the ceremony. The brother of the bride has to give three fistfuls of puffed rice to the bride as a wish for her happy married life. The bride takes rice and offers the same to the fire. This is known as Homam. All the important rituals of the Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony Explained in this blog.


By exchanging their garlands, the bride and groom show their desires to marry each other. After the ceremony, friends and relatives start wishing the couple. They come on the stage to take photographs. Find Indian American dating and Christian marriage sites to get life partner which perfect matching.

Circle the fire

In North Indian Hindu weddings, the bride and groom are supposed to tie their garments before circling the fire. In South Indian weddings, the couple walks only 7 steps to show their togetherness. In North Indian weddings, they make seven circles around the sacred fire. The process of circling the ceremonial fire is known as Saptapadi.

A red powder, Sindoor, is applied to the hair of the bride. This shows her status of a married woman. The groom ties a necklace made of black and gold beads. This necklace is called mangalsutra.

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