Stay Safe

Getting to meet your possible partner for the first time, there are certain key things you need to consider. Make sure your first meeting is done over lunch or coffee during the day. It is important to inform your family with the detail of your prospective partner. It is advisable to inform your family about the location, and time of the date and on the off chance that there are going to be more than one person at your first interaction.

All details that can revile your financial status should not be disclosed at the first meeting. Details including credit or debit card information, phone password, and other banking detail, should not be disclosed at any point in the first meeting.

It is important to instantly make a report of individuals and circumstance to the right authorities, on the off chance that you discover any sort of online badgering.

If any demand for upfront payment is made by your prospective partner, it is better to report such issues. This issue can vary and can come up with different strategies of which some are pressing requirement for versatile bill installment or any wail story that ends up telling you that money is needed for urgently. Anything of such should be reported immediately.

It can be problematic to provide your address details before the meeting, for no reason should such information be provided until first meeting, and any request for such should be reported immediately.

Desist from sharing any information like financial balance, passwords, ATM details and so forth. Make sure you report such prospective partner that demands for such details.


During the registration process, you are expected to fill in the details of your preferred partner as well as have the options for choose to be a free or paid member. As soon as you tap on submit your data tap, your profile will be created automatically, while other login details you filled in during registration will be sent to your registered mail.