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Bazigars are a nomad gipsy folk of India and Pakistan. The name Bazigar is derived from Urdu word “bazi”, which means “acrobat”. The Bazigar people speak their own dialect, known as Bazigar which is a Dravidian language, they also speak Hindi. The Bazigar’s have been granted the Scheduled Caste status in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. The Bazigars community is sub-divided into five sub-groups, the Badtia(vertiya), Jogi, Jassuke, Dharamsot, Mushal (muchhals), and Namsout. The Bazigar people are settled in the districts of Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Fatehabad, Rohtak, Kurukshetra, Sirsa, Karnal.

The first four sub-groups of the community cannot intermarry and gotra exogamy is followed. The marriages are arranged within the community they celebrate the marriage occasion with excitement. The wedding lasts for several days and they conduct different customs as per their traditions.

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