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Chauhan, Chohan, Chohan, or Chouhan, is a Rajput caste from the north India. The word Chauhan is the vernacular form of the Sanskrit word ‘Chahamana’. The Chauhans historically were a powerful group in the area now known as Rajasthan. The Chauhans are considered as one of the Agnikula or Agnivanshi. According to this myth, some Rajput clans originated from Agni in a sacrificial fire pit. In India Chauhans are predominantly are Hindu. The Chauhans are settled in the northern states of India. 

The Chauhan Wedding is vibrant and celebrated with splendor. The Chauhan wedding continues for several days and the family members and friends get together to celebrate the auspicious occasion with all excitement. The marriage is considered as a significant occasion sacred union of two people. At the wedding, different customs and rituals are performed with all devotion following the traditions.

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