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The Chhimba Darzi is a Muslim community, found in the region Punjab, Pakistan. The word Darzi in Urdu means tailor. They are also known as Idrisi Shaikh or Idrisi. The Chhimba Darzis are supposed to be the Muslim converts from the Hindu Chhimba caste. They have several territorial divisions these include the Deswal, Sirhindi, and Multani. They claim to be the descent from Idris, (Enoch) one of the biblical prophets. The Chhimba Darzi has two subdivisions the Shia and Sunni. The Chhimba Darzi community people are well settled across the globe. 

The ceremonies of the Chhimba Darzi wedding are magnificent yet simple though the rituals and traditions differ from one place to another. The wedding is attended by family members and friends who celebrate the marriage with all enthusiasm. There are many different ceremonies are performed, before and after the marriage is complete. 

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