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Chura, or Chuhra or Bhanghi is a caste in India and a tribe in Pakistan. They are settled in the regions including Punjab region. Their traditional occupation is sweeping, a "polluting" occupation. The Churas group of people in Indian Punjab are mainly are the followers of Sikhism. A small minority of the community practice Valmikism an offshoot form of typical Hinduism which still includes the elements of Sikhism in its practice. In Pakistani Punjab, about 90 to 95% of its Christian population is from the Chura caste.

The Chuhra marriage lasts for several days where different rituals performed by Chuhra bride and Chuhra groom. They perform different rituals and custom both before and after the marriage. The marriage is attended by all the family members and friends where they celebrate each ceremony with enthusiasm. 

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