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The Dhamial Rajputs of the Pothohar Plateau are a branch of the famed Janjua Rajput clan. The Dhamial group of people is of both Rajput and Jat status. They account for themselves having arrived originally from Ghazni to the Sialkot District, from where they went to Dhamiak (Jhelum Tehsil) where they built a fort. According to other sources, both the Dhamial Rajputs and jats are of Janjua descent ( a dominant royal warrior clan of the Northern India and Pakistan).

With regard to the region, there are various different customs and rituals performed at the Dhamial wedding. The wedding is considered as an auspicious occasion and is celebrated with all magnificence. The wedding is attended by the family members and friends who gather to give blessings to the newlyweds and celebrate the occasion with all gusto. 

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