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28 Years,Porbandar,Gujarat,India

Height : 5ft 2in - 157cm Religion : Hindu
Education : Profession: Admin Professional
Height : 5ft 2in - 157cm
Religion : Hindu
Education :
Profession : Admin Professional

The Dhobi traditionally are "washerman" their traditional occupation was washing clothes. The Dhobi is a caste group of India. The dhobi word is derived from the Hindi word ‘dhona’ which means to wash. Dhobi is a large community, distributed across the northern, western, central, and eastern India. The Dhobis follow the traditions and customs of the region where they live. The Dhobi rank themselves as the highest among the Scheduled Castes. Today they are engaged in different professions in the private and public sectors.

The common surnames of Dhobi include Patrikar, Mathur, Jangade, and Belwar. The Marriage rituals for the dhobi community differ from one region to the other. The family members, relatives, and friends get together and participate in the different Dhobi wedding ceremonies with enthusiasm and give the blessings to the bride and groom.

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