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Gadhok (also known as Gandhok, Gadhiok Gadhoke, Gandhioke Gadok,) is a Punjabi Khatri community, found in the Punjab, India and Punjab, Pakistan. They are a sub-group within the Khatri caste and form part of the Bara Ghar (12 house) jati. Today, the Gadhok group of the people is settled across the different parts of the world. 

The wedding is considered as the blissful union of two people where they take vows to stay with each other forever. The Gadhok wedding is vibrant and the wedding celebration continues for several days. The marriage is a wonderful occasion and the bride and groom perform different rituals devotedly following the traditions. All the close family members, relatives, and friends get together and enjoy each and every marriage ceremony with all excitement and magnificence.

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