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Johiya also known as, Joiya, Joia Joyia, Joeia, Joyea, Joya, and, Joriya claims to be a Chandravanshi Rajput clan found in the Northern India and Pakistan. The Johiya are the descendants of the Yaudheya warrior tribe that ruled in some regions of the northern India until the period of the Gupta kingdom. The Johiyas are divided into three tribes, named Madhera or Madhovira, Langavira or Lakvira, and Adamvira or Admera. 

The marriage is a tremendous occasion of the blissful union of two people. The Johiya wedding is graceful and the wedding celebration lasts for several days. The bride and groom perform various rituals and customs following the traditions devotedly. The close family relatives and friends gather and enjoy each and every marriage ceremony with all excitement and splendor. 

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