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The Malik or Malik Julaha is the ethnic community found in the Punjab region of Pakistan. They are one of many communities found in South Asia associated with weaving profession. The Malik Julahs traditionally was a community of Muslim weaver found in the Punjab region. They historically were called as Julaha in the East Punjab and Pawali in Western districts. The word Julaha is derived from the Persian word "Jolah," The Julaha are listed as the Scheduled Caste under the provisions of the Indian Constitution. 

The ceremonies of the Malik Julaha wedding are magnificent yet elegant. They prefer to arrange to marry within their own community. They perform various rituals and customs before and after the marriage as per their traditions. The wedding is attended by the close family members and friends who celebrate the marriage ceremonies with all enthusiasm. is the best online portal helping you to find an ideal life partner. We understand that the marriage is the most important decision of the life and we offer a secure matrimony platform to make your search easy. We are a paramount Malik Julaha Matrimony websites where the users get the access to a huge database of the eligible and verified Malik Julaha bride and Malik Julaha grooms. 

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