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Khatri is a caste that is found in the northern Indian subcontinent. The Khatri community people consider themselves to be of pure Vedic descent and consequently superior to the Rajputs, who also claim the Kshatriya status. Traditionally, as rulers and administrators, Kshatriyas were assigned with protecting the dharma and serving humankind and world. The origin of the Khatris is from Potohar. Taxila, and Majha regions of the Punjab. Over time, the Khatri people entered other occupations. 

The wedding is an auspicious occasion and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. There are various customs performed by bride and groom as per the traditions. The Khatri Weddings lasts for several days and is celebrated with splendor and lavishness. The family members and friends of the bride and groom get together, to celebrate each ceremony and give the blessing to the newlyweds. 

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