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The Langrial is a tribe of both the Rajput and Jat status found in Punjab, Pakistan. The Langrial people in Gujrat District classify themselves as Jat. They are settled in villages such Kakrali, Langrial (Gujrat district) and Mola Langrial and also in other parts of Punjab as well. They are Jat whereas, in Rawalpindi District, they are Rajput. They are a dominant nomadic or semi-nomadic clan in the region. They are shepherds and later some people of the community become wealthy men by adopting the other means of living.

The Langrial marriage extends for several days where different rituals performed by bride and groom. They perform various different rituals and custom with all devotion both before and after the marriage. The marriage is attended by all the family members and friends where they celebrate each ceremony with enthusiasm and bless the bride and groom.

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