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Mahajan is an Indian title and a surname. The word "Mahajan" is a blend of two Sanskrit words- Maha meaning ‘great’, and Jan meaning ‘people or individual’. As a generic title, the Mahajan term is used to denote people involved in money lending. The term Mahajan is used to denote traders from several castes that include Brahmins, Arora, and Khatri. The Mahajan community is settled in the regions of Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh.

The wedding is considered as a blissful union of two people where they take vows to live with each other forever. The Mahajan wedding is celebrated with all extravagance and the ceremonies extend for several days. In the marriage, there are different rituals conducted as per the ancient traditions. The family members and friends gather and participate in the different rituals with all enthusiasm and bless the newlyweds for a new beginning. 

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