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The Mahtam is a clan found in the Punjabi community of people in India and Pakistan. They follow Hindu, Sikh and Muslim religions. The Mahtam people were called as Rassiwat or Rassibat as they were makers of the ropes. During the British rule in India, they were stigmatized under the Criminal Tribes Act 1871. Historically, the Mahtam community was found predominantly in the region stretching from Dera Ghazi Khan in the west and Lahore in the east, in Pakistan.

The wedding is an auspicious occasion and every community celebrated this occasion with all enthusiasm. The tradition of the Mahtam people community is very diverse. The marriage is a sacred union of two people. In the Mahtam wedding, they follow and conduct different customs and rituals as per their traditions that are performed by the bride and groom both before and after the wedding. The family members and friend of the Mahtam bride and groom get together, to give blessings to the newlyweds and celebrate the occasion with splendor.

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