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28 Years,Arang,Chhattisgarh,India

Height : 5ft 2in - 157cm Religion : Hindu
Education : Profession: Student
Height : 5ft 2in - 157cm
Religion : Hindu
Education :
Profession : Student

Mehar is an Indian and Pakistani Punjabi name. Mehars are also known as Meher. They claim to be a Rajput descendant which is not accepted by Rajputs. They are considered inferior in social status to the Rajputs. Mehar is a weaving community. The community is divided into two sub-divisions, Hadoti and Kundali which are endogamous. The Mehars from the Hadoti region call themselves Nand Mehar and call themselves as Nandvanshi as they believe to have descended from King Nand of Vrindavan.

The wedding is considered as the heavenly union of two people where they take vows to stay with each other forever. The Mehar wedding celebration extends for several days. In the marriage, there are many various rituals conducted as per the traditions. The close family members and relatives get together and celebrate marriage ceremonies with all excitement and splendor.

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