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Mochi Musalman is a community, found in the North India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are the traditional shoemakers of South Asia. The community was involved in the manufacture of the protective leather dresses for the soldiers. They are mainly Chamars, who chose Islam as their religion during mid 14th to 16th century AD. The Mochi Musalmans are divided into several clans and gotras. 

The Mochi Muslim prefers to marry within their community. The wedding rituals of the Mochi Musalman are sacred and vibrant. The marriage ceremony is simple and there are several rituals are conducted before and after the marriage. During the rituals, the family members and friends get together to celebrate and give the blessings to bride and groom. is one of the leading online Mochi Musalman Matrimony where you can find thousands of Mochi Musalman bride and grooms profiles. We provide a user-friendly and secure online matrimony platform that is very simple to use and helps to make the search easy. If you are looking for Mochi Musalman bride and Mochi Musalman groom then is the ultimate destination where you get access to thousands of verified bride and groom profiles within your community with detailed information. With our advanced the search option, you can easily filter the search to find an ideal partner as per your preference. 

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