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The Sikh Mochi is a community found mostly in the Punjab state of India, in the districts of Patiala, Nabha, and Ludhiana. However, the majority of the Mochi community people in Punjab remain Hindu, with only a smaller minority converting to Sikhism. They are involved in their traditional occupation of shoemaking. Almost all the Sikh Mochis are the members of the Ravidasi sect. Their clans are referred as gots (Sanskrit Gotra) include the Sinh, Biswan, and Suman Mochi. They practice endogamy and clan exogamy there are occasional cases of the intermarriage with the Chamar community.

The marriage ceremonies of the Sikh Mochis are simple yet vivacious. As per the traditions, there are several rituals and customs performed both before and after the marriage. The wedding is attended by the close family members and friends who celebrate the occasion and give the blessings to the newlyweds. 

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