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The Nalband people are found in the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh in India, and the region of Punjab in Pakistan, and in the region of the Persian influenced Turkey, where they adopted the soft sound spelling of Nalbant. Nalband is an Urdu and Persian term meaning manufacturer of horseshoes. The word is derived from the Persian word ‘Nal’ meaning horseshoe and ‘band’ a fastener. Originally in Indian and Pakistan Nalband people were Muslim Lohars. 

The Nalband of Haryana and Punjab region are divided into two major groups, Multani and Deshwali. The Nalband marriage is vibrant and continues for several days. They consider marriage is an auspicious occasion and there are various rituals and customs performed as they hold a great significance. is a leading Nalband matrimonial website. We offer a user-friendly and sophisticated online matrimony platform that allows the registered users search suitable match easily. We have an extensive database of thousands of Nalband bride and Nalband grooms looking for marriage with their complete information and photographs. Our team is committed to provide answer all your queries and help make your search for the ideal life partner a hassle-free experience. Our endeavor is to provide a reliable and secure online Nalband matrimony platform to the users to find the suitable match within their community. 

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