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The Nakokara or Nekokara or Kokara are mainly found in the Jhang district. They claim to be Hashmi Qureshis, who came from Bahalwalpur some 450 years ago which is the clan of the Quresh to which the Prophet belonged to. They are also settled and hold land in Gujranwala also but are not a very important tribe. In Gujranwala, many of the Nekokaras are Faqirs and they generally bear a semi-religious character. They have traditions of the Arab region. 

The Nakokara People have different wedding rituals that are very unique. The Nakokara wedding is vibrant. The family members and friends get together to celebrate the wedding occasion and give the blessings to the bride and groom. The wedding continues for several days where many rituals and ceremonies are performed as per the tradition. 

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