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The Qalandasrs are a Muslim ethnic group of people, found in the North India and Pakistan. They are also known as Qalander Faqir. A few Qalandars are also found in the Nepal Terai region. The Qalandar consists of three sub-divisions, the Rohilla in western Rohilkhand, the Langre in eastern Rohilkhand, and the Machhle in Awadh. In Pakistan, the Qalandar are mainly found in Pakistani, Punjab. The Qalandars are strictly endogamous and marriages are arranged by parents.

The ceremonies of the Qalandasr wedding are simple yet vibrant. There are different rituals and customs performed both before and after the wedding. The wedding is attended by the close family members and friends who celebrate the occasion with magnificence and give the blessings to the newlyweds. 

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