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Sansi is a nomadic tribe, originally located in the Rajasthan region of north-western India, but expelled in the 13th century by Muslim invaders and now spread to states of Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab as well as scattered throughout India. They are often confused with the other ethnic groups called Sansi, as Sansi is a widespread name in South Asia. The majority of the Sansi community people mainly follow Hinduism while a minority in the Sansi community called as ‘Sandhawalia’ follows Sikhism and their traditional occupations vary, from farming to trading.

Marriage is considered as the pious bond of two souls who take vows to stay with each other forever. Sansi wedding is simple yet magnificent. In the Sansi wedding, different rituals and customs performed. The wedding is attended by all family members, relatives, and friends where everyone celebrates every marriage ceremony with excitement and grandeur. 

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