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The Sapera is a Hindu caste found in the North India. They are also known as Barwa Sampheriya in the West Bengal, Sparera in Madhya Pradesh and Sapela in Punjab. The Saperas are divided into two endogamous groups, the Saharpua and the Baiga in Uttar Pradesh, particularly the Bareilly district. Most The Saperas are Hindu by faith, although a small number of the community have converted to Islam, and form a separate community of the Muslim Saperas, These are further divided into different exogamous clans, and they maintain a strict system of clan exogamy.

The wedding is considered as a blissful union of two people and there are various different customs and rituals conducted both pre-marriage and post-marriage. The Sapera wedding is vibrant and they follow all the rituals and celebrate the occasion with gusto.

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