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Sunar (also Sonar or Suniar, or Swarnkar) is a Hindu caste found in India and Nepal referring to the group of people who work as goldsmiths. The term Sunar is derived from the Sanskrit ‘suvarnak?r’ meaning "worker in gold" Though the community is mostly Hindu and some members in the states of Punjab and Haryana are Sikh. Though they are the traditional goldsmiths of North India, now many of the community people are also involved in cultivation, selling grocery and landowners.

The Sunar community is divided into 52 gotras (clans). The community is strictly endogamous and practices the clan exogamy. In the Sunar wedding, there are various different rituals and customs performed both pre-marriage and post-marriage as per the traditions. The Sunar wedding is celebrated with all magnificence and it extends for several days. The family members and friends gather to celebrate the vibrant marriage ceremonies with all excitement.

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