Indian Wedding - Bengali Pre Wedding Rituals Details

Indian Wedding - Bengali Pre Wedding Rituals Details

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Paka Katha / Pati Potro– A formal meeting between the bride-groom’s elders.

Aiburobhat– This is a Bridal shower which takes place before the wedding day. Close friends and relatives shower her with gifts followed a feast. A similar ritual is observed at the groom’s place.

Sankha Porano – An evening before the wedding day, the bride is made to wear symbols of marital bliss like the Sankha (Conch Shell Bangles) and Pola (Red Coral Bangles).

Jol Sowa–On the morning of the wedding day, mothers of both the bride and groom are accompanied by few married women to the nearest water body to fill a brass pitcher in their respective neighborhood. This water is to be used to bathe the bride or groom after the Gaye Holud ceremony.

Dodhi Mangal – This is the bride-groom’s last meal of the day as they would have to fast until the wedding rituals are complete. They are fed with several dishes and sweets like Sandesh before sunrise. 

Birddhi Puja– Fathers of both bride and groom perform this ritual in their respective homes. Sanskrit hymns are chanted and offerings are made to the past seven generations of paternal ancestors to seek their blessings.

Gaye Holud and Tattwa–A turmeric paste is applied on the groom’s body. He is then bathed with Jol Sowa. Bride’s entire trousseau and a Rohu fish along with the remaining paste in a silver bowl are sent to her for Gaye Holud. She then gets ready for the Wedding.


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