Indian Wedding - Bengali Wedding Attire and Shops

Indian Wedding - Bengali Wedding Attire and Shops

June 26, 2018      Administrator

A typical Bengali Wedding which is loaded with sweetness has even more sweeter elements of the Bride-Groom Attire. The Bor (Bengali groom) typically wears a Kurta, with a Dhoti. While the Kurta is made from various materials like, Cotton, Silk etc., the Dhoti is made of Muslin or Bengal Handloom known as Tant. The groom wears a makeup of dots of sandalwood paste on his forehead. He also wears a ‘Topor’ (a conical head adornment). It is made of Shola or Indian Cork. He also wears a garland made of tuberoses and roses. When he participates in the wedding he is to change into ‘Jor’ (a fine silk two piece attire). The groom is to carry a round brass object with long handle known as the ‘Darpan’ at all times.

The Bengali bride’s attire transforms her into a complete Goddess. She wears a Red Benarasi Silk Saree, heavily embroidered with gold zari threads. Traditional Bengali draping style is called ‘Aath Poure’. A veil covers her head and she wears a lot of jewellery. The bride’s forehead is decorated with unique designs drawn with kumkum and sandalwood paste centring on that Big Red Bindi. The Bengali bride has to carry a wooden container filled with Sindoor and a one rupee coin known as the ‘Gachh Kouto’. She also needs to carry a ‘Kajal Lata’, which is an eye-shaped flat metallic container carrying Kohl paste.

She also has to wear a headgear called Mukut which completes her Goddess look. 


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