Indian Wedding - Bengali Wedding Rituals Ceremony

Indian Wedding - Bengali Wedding Rituals Ceremony

June 26, 2018      Administrator

As sweet as the roshogulla, a Biye (Bengali Wedding) is quite a visual treat. 

Wedding Rituals

Bor and Bor Jatri–The Bor (groom) starts from his house after receiving his mother’s blessings, in a decorated car sent by the bride’s family, towards the wedding venue, accompanied by Bor Jatri (friends and male relatives). They are welcomed amidst blowing of conch shells and ululations. 

Ashirbaad– Bride’s side elders bless the groom and present him expensive gifts. Also, the groom’s side elders bless the bride and present her jewellery.

Saat Paak– The bride has to circumambulate around the groom seven times aided by the male relatives carrying her while she hides her face with betel leaves. 

Subho Drishti - The bride removes the betel leaves, the couple looks at each other.

Mala Badal– Exchanging of garlands. 

Kanya Sampradan– An elderly male member of the bride’s family unites the couple’s hands together and bounds by a sacred thread.  The priest chants the mantras whereby the bride is officially given away to the groom.

Hom– The bride-groom sit together and the priest utters Vedic mantras which they dutifully repeat after him and make offerings to the fire.

Saptapadi– The couple has to go around the fire seven times.

Lajanjali / Kusumdinge– The bride’s brother puts puffed rice in her hands and the groom joins her hands. They together pour this in the fire.

Sindoor Daan– The groom applies Sindoor on the bride’s hair parting and covers her head with Lajjabastra (a new saree).


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