Punjabi Wedding - Bridal Makeup Strategies for Wedding Day

Punjabi Wedding - Bridal Makeup Strategies for Wedding Day

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Almost every woman’s favorite part about getting ready is MAKEUP. It is surely no different than clothes and accessories. Makeup is an embellishment for your face. It gives you confidence and self-love. It's not just that you use makeup to feel beautiful or because you don't like the way you look, it is an art form which also requires expertise. It’s not just about the right foundation, eyes or lips. Especially, if you are looking for Bridal Makeup, normal makeup won’t help you. Because no matter how experienced you or your friends are at makeup, your wedding days needs an extra touch of shimmer and glimmer.

Strategies for Bridal Makeup


  • Hire an experienced beautician: Take initial appointments from an experienced beautician to clarify any doubts you have. An experienced beautician understands your skin type, your wedding day needs and demands like planning makeup routines according to indoor or outdoor venue, makeup balancing according to climate , what makeup will be best suitable for you according to your type of complexion, dress etc.
  • Taking detailed snaps of your completed look is the best possible way to figure out the effect you have created. Click photographs in both natural and artificial light to ensure that you are happy with your final look. At times, you may be surprised to know just how much more makeup you can wear in the photographs and still look so natural.  


Finally, don’t feel nervous. Think good things and throw that beautiful smile. It’s your big day!

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