Indian Wedding - Cost Saving Ideas for Your Wedding

Indian Wedding - Cost Saving Ideas for Your Wedding

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Out of all the events you plan in your life, your wedding is likely to be the most pricy one. But it doesn’t mean that it will have to cost you a fortune, right? 

  • Everybody wants their big day to be very different and extravagant but it doesn’t mean that you have to pour tens of thousands of dollars into it. You can plan your wedding on a more modest budget and still flaunt the best of your life. To create a beautiful and memorable day here are some smart tips that you can incorporate in your wedding and save a lot!!
  • Invitations: Send email invites or set up a website for invitations.
  • Date and Venue: Plan your wedding on a weekday. It’s cheaper than the ever-popular Saturday. Have your reception at the same venue to save on transportation costs and flowers.
  • Dress: What makes a wedding dress expensive? The expense lies in the fabric. Opt for the same style but economical fabrics.
  • Cake: Bake your own cake and decorate it with a professional style icing.
  • Meals: Buffet meals always attract hungrier guests to go back for more. Thus, the staffing requirements are less so this way it becomes cheaper than a plated menu.
  • Gifts: Take help from the talented family and friends in planning the return gifts.
  • And you are done. So, if you are also planning your wedding on a budget, go for these super helpful tips. You can thank me later!


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