Indian Wedding - Designer Wedding Invitations Cards Makers

Indian Wedding - Designer Wedding Invitations Cards Makers

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Wedding card design is a very creative area of print industry. Designers research a lot and create amazing and artistic pieces. From plain cards to digital prints, from hand painted cards to audio recorded cards and now trending LED screen cards. Some people offer gifts along with invitation cards which may vary from sweets to jewels according to the budget.

Stuck when it comes to messages?

Here are simple tips to help you 

You can make your messages visually creative but your main motive i.e. Venue, Functions and timings should be crystal clear.

You should address people by the names they actually use. They find this cozy.

You need to include an RSVP card. You can also include other materials like maps, schedule of events etc. However, it’s easier to include extra information on a wedding website and save a few extra dollars.

Card Designing

We all love a trendsetting card that's totally personalized. You can choose custom illustrations, monograms, paper alternatives inform guests about the fun they're about to have at your celebration.
Envelope Liner - Choose a scenic local on the envelope liner if you are planning your nuptials in a fun and faraway destination.

Creativity in Card- You can add your pre-wedding photos for adding the glam touch.

Calligraphy- Many people love calligraphy because it can amazingly beautify the words.

While distributing invitation cards, always follow the standard rule, that wedding invitations should be sent out two to three weeks in advance of the wedding. 


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