Punjabi Wedding - Groom and Bride Wedding Registry

Punjabi Wedding - Groom and Bride Wedding Registry

June 26, 2018      Administrator

A Wedding or Bridal Registry is a list of those gifts that an engaged couple would like to receive for their wedding. A wedding registry is very convenient for guests to buy gifts that they know the couple actually wants and will use, instead of just guessing and risk purchasing something that the couple doesn't like. 

The most popular wedding registry items are Household Goods and Cash Wedding Registries. Things like artwork, camping equipment, cooking lessons and pieces of furniture are great things to register for that go against the grain. One must look for quality products that are good looking and long lasting. Some of the companies that provide awesome Wedding Registries are:

Tendr- It is a simple and elegant way for couples to receive Cash Wedding Gifts. Using this modern platform, one can easily create a personalized landing page for your wedding and let your guests give you Meaningful Cash Gifts. This is simple to use and makes cash giving feel warm and personal. Couples get notified whenever they receive gifts and can keep track of what they receive in their account.

Envelope- Through this, the couples can create their registry from a range of items like from snorkeling to a night at the theater to appliances for their home. Here also, the couples can track gifts in their account. They also allow you typing a personal note to each of your guests and choose a custom card design.

Other renowned companies are: Amazon, Target etc.

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