How to Make Punjabi Wedding Sangeet Ceremony Pocket-Friendly?

How to Make Punjabi Wedding Sangeet Ceremony Pocket-Friendly?

May 31, 2018      Administrator

Having fun masti on Punjabi wedding sangeet ceremony with so many pleasant affairs including happy custom celebrations. Punjabi is a rich and opulent culture might be known by their investment for a marriage ceremony. But some people don’t want to cross their budget limit for this superb occasion. It is simple and easy to prepare, all the arrangements done well before coming soon marriage. Lets us know what your budget potential, including overall pretty arrangements for food to venue booking. In the ancient trend, sangeet celebrations were simpler only with an involvement of ladies to have some traditional sangeet (music) and dance. But today’s Punjabi culture sangeet ceremony does extra pomp and show, according to the modernization. Traditional songs lesser than Bollywood peppy romantic and big sound making songs. But we attempt to recommend you some smart crucial tips to keep your wedding sangeet budget friendly. 

Book an Inexpensive Venue

First of all, go to book a perfect venue for your sangeet grand function but keep in mind convenience of your close friends and relatives to visit by their own transportation. Prepare an adequate arrangement including delicious food, wine and appetizers etc. Arrange a big dance floor to exhibit wonderful dance performances. 

Announce Sangeet Ceremony A Day Before

Sangeet ceremony must be held a couple of days before an actual ceremony. The groom’s family is invited to participate in this fun-filled and joyous function where they also do group or couple dance with their life partner. When you celebrate sangeet function before wedding really seems an exciting occasion in which all close relatives can happily participate. 

Decide the Choreographer

Sangeet is a wonderful function for what you must decide the choreographer to capture all blissful and mesmerizing moments in photo and video records. On this day everyone gets crazy with cute and funny poses with friends, family and close relatives. You must hire a professional photographer approx a month before an actual marriage ceremony. 

Keep It Short & Sweet

Don’t continue celebrations for long hours because Punjabi bride and groom both might get tired during matrimonial celebrations. Thus, how many hours it will continue only requires wine, beer and whiskey etc. Some who doesn’t drink might get bored during long hours celebrations. 

Game Plan between Two Families

It is a nice approach adds an extra fun and excitement to this sangeet function. A good time to enjoy pretty and fun-loving celebrations with together.

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