Indian Wedding - Indian Traditional Wedding Baraats

Indian Wedding - Indian Traditional Wedding Baraats

June 26, 2018      Administrator

A Baraat is the initial and most fun filled traditions in a wedding. It is prevalent in India and Pakistan and considered auspicious at weddings by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs alike. Baraat means a groom's wedding procession from his house towards the wedding venue accompanied by family and friends known as Baraatis. The groom generally comes on a Ghodi (horse) but, nowadays there’s a modern take on his entrance. He can come in an extravagant car, decorated similarly to the traditional horse. In mega budget weddings, he can even arrive on an Elephant or even in Helicopter!!

Band Baja Baraat
The baraat has its own has bookings of band, dancers and lighting arrangement etc. and is headed by a display of fireworks accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol.
The Baraat’s music sets up an exciting mood for the rest of the marriage events. With upbeat and songs blasting, the Groom makes his way through the procession. Most of the DJ’s will have a portable sound system as well as a Dhol player. Nowadays, Indian weddings showcase a fusion of Hip Hop and Bhangra mixing to make a baraat bumpin’.

Wondering where is the Bride during the Baraat?
Many times, the bride is secretly watching the baraat! She is not included in the Baraat because it is solely to welcome the Groom and his family to the marriage site. She later joins him for the Varmala (exchange garlands) to signify the start of their marriage rituals.


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