Indian Wedding Celebration in America

Indian Wedding Celebration in America

June 26, 2018      Administrator

USA recently has been witnessing lavish and traditional Indian weddings due to the growing number of immigrants with Indian roots. These weddings provide a perfect blend of Western and Indian culture. The marriage affairs combine the best of both worlds.

Choice of the Partner

In earlier days, the number of Indians living in USA was very little and often these were not of the same caste or religion. NRIs typically preferred their children to marry within their own community, which generally had to be found back in India. Marriages within the community were considered auspicious.

Today, owing to growing liberalization, there is a multicultural way of living. People choose their own life partners and parents agree with their decisions. This has led to a growth in Inter-Religious, Inter-Caste and Inter-Racial Marriages.

Celebration Time

After choosing your life partner, it is time to plan your wedding. While the NRIs may be away from India, weddings are still very traditional. Indian style weddings are a celebration of color, festivity and beauty. There are vibrant cultural events like Haldi, Mehndi, and Sangeet which are very important in the celebration of the union of two people. These events celebrate the significant moments of religion, tradition and culture that pull together to create an exotic, beautiful and fun-filled celebration of marriage. In USA, these weddings are frequently based on themes. Due to this, wedding planners who specialize in Indian weddings are popping up in USA too. Bollywood theme tops this league.


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