Indian Wedding - Maharashtrian Wedding Attire for Groom

Indian Wedding - Maharashtrian Wedding Attire for Groom

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Just like the humble and simple nature of Maharashtrian people, their attire also represents simplicity. The groom traditionally wears an Understated White or Beige Cotton Kurta paired with a white Kanche or Dhoti with a thin border for the proper wedding time. He carries a decorative piece of cloth on his shoulders generally red or gold in color. He wears a turban on his head known as Pheta or the Traditional White Gandhi Style Cap.

Unlike the other Indian communities where the brides usually wear red, the Maharshtrian bride wears a traditional saree called Paithani. This saree has typical Maharashtrian loose folded trouse style. It comes in very typical colours of golden yellow, leaf green or aubergine with a golden border. The saree has two styles:

  • Paithani (measuring around 6 yards) or 
  • Traditional Nauvarisarees (measuring 9 yards).

The bride wears typical jewelry elements which have their own significance and meaning like Chooda (green bangles), Mangalsutras with two hollow gold cups at the centers, the Maharshtrian Vaaki (armlets). The Chandrakor (Crescent Moon-Shaped Bindi) is placed on her forehead because the Marathi people admire the Crescent Moon.

Both the bride and the groom wear a sacred unisex headband known as ‘Mundavalya’. It is made up of two strings of pearls tied horizontally across the forehead and two lines of pearls hang down from the headband which beautifully frame the face. These peculiar and beautiful attire and jewellery statements separate the Maharashtrian Wedding Attire from the other Indian regionl weddings. 


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