Indian Wedding - Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals Ceremony

Indian Wedding - Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals Ceremony

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Maharashtrian weddings are quite simple yet vibrant. The beginning is marked by matching the bride-groom’s horoscopes called Lagnaach Bedio. Let’s have a sneak peek into the wedding traditions of Marathas.

Wedding Rituals
Ganpati Puja– The wedding begins with worshipping the Lord Ganesha.

Devdevak – Kul Devata (the family deity) is invoked at the wedding site.

Seeman Puja – When the groom reaches the wedding venue, his mother-in-law washes his feet and showers him with gifts.

Gurihar Puja – The bride is decked up in traditional wedding attire, gifted by the maternal uncle. She worships a silver idol of Goddess Parvati placed on a mound of rice.

Antarpat– The bride and the groom are not supposed to see each other. So, Antarpat (a silk shawl) is placed between the two.

Sankalp- The priest chants the Mangalashtakas (wedding vows). The bride is led to the mandap by her maternal uncle and then the Antarpat is removed and the couple gazes each other. They exchange their garlands and are showered with Akshata (unbroken rice grains).

Kanyadan– The father gives his daughter away to the groom. Sindoor (vermillion) is applied on her center hair parting and also Mangalsutra is offered to her by the groom. The bride applies a Sandalwood Tilak on the groom’s forehead.

Satapadhi– The couple circumambulates around the sacred fire seven times and speak the weddings vows. 

Karmasampati– The couple prays in front to the holy fire and seek blessings from the relatives. A grand lunch marks the completion of wedding ceremonies.


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