Modern Fascinating Wedding Chooda for Punjabi Brides

Modern Fascinating Wedding Chooda for Punjabi Brides

May 29, 2018      Administrator

Punjabi is a rich and opulent culture where brides are given utmost importance to have their favorite wedding accessories. Chooda is an unforgettable part of wedding accessories worn by pretty Punjabi bride as per custom trend. It enhances bridal beauty in a smart way by embellishing her personality outfit. In, spite of red and maroon there are ultimate endless options available for Punjabi bride what she dreamed of so far. Consider what suits your pretty style will make you sound wow with a wonderful embroidered heavy costume. Don’t forget to buy matchmaking and flaunting accessory adds a personalized touch to the bridal beauty. For this amazing cute accessory Punjabi bride gets highly excited to add in jewelry trousseau. A bride appears crazy and waits anxiously to combine this beautiful and charming red with white traditional bangles. Do you hate bold choodas for matrimony function? Every bride aspires to make a nice combination with multicolor wedding costume. 

Red Choora

Red choora is given utmost importance that is significant bridal favorite accessory comes in traditional awesome trendy designs really looks beautiful. It is a set of 21 bangles that are in red and white color given to a bride by her uncle and aunt. 

Powder Pink 

Some Punjabi brides go for minimalist, beautiful powder pink appears attractive with soft and cute touch. Powder pink is pretty enough with pearls different design. It is a lightweight charming accessory worn by a bride for Anand Karaj. 

White or Ivory Bangles

It is another most favorite bride’s choice for choora comes in modern and traditional pattern designs add a nice touch to your prettier dress. Not solely white or ivory bangles, but also floral kaleere completes her. Every Punjabi bride gets keen to have a look at their complete etiquette gold, diamond and artificial jewelry accessories. 

Bubblegum Pink 

Modern trend brought some creative and experimented with offbeat bangles in bubblegum pink looks pretty with a light color costume. It is truly an attractive and impressive work well to enhance bridal beauty for a wedding day. 

Golden Bangles

Every Punjabi bride says yes to the fashionable and gold bangle set. It coordinates truly unique in a royal and personal style. It is a mind-blowing set of 21 bangles flaunt your style. It is an expensive choice comes in variant offbeat designs look amazing for matrimony event. 

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