Punjabi Wedding - Officiants for Wedding Day Celebration

Punjabi Wedding - Officiants for Wedding Day Celebration

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Most of the earlier weddings were conducted either by religious clergy or civil officiates such as judges, justices of the peace, and ship captains. Recently, it has become popular to have a friend or family member be your wedding officiate. Whether you are choosing to have a friend or family member officiate your wedding or if you are looking for a seasoned officiate, be sure to consider how their personality style, personal beliefs, and understanding of their role will influence your ceremony. Your wedding officiate will have the greatest influence in setting the tone of your ceremony, so choose them wisely. 

Many Nonreligious couples still choose to have their wedding performed by a Minister of Religion. Many Humanist Organizations provide Humanist Officiates to individuals who may solemnize marriages in whatever manner they choose. Many religions across the world involve Wedding Officiates with different names ex. 

  • A Pastor in Christian weddings
  • An Imam in Islamic weddings
  • An Rabbi in Jewish weddings  
  • A Pandit  in Hindu weddings
  • A Granthi in Sikh weddings etc.

So here we present some wedding officiates:

Short and Sweet Weddings- “Short and sweet” is often a request that we hear during the wedding ceremony vows. They have experienced wedding officiates namely Scott Cole, who works throughout the Greater-Austin-Texas areas as well as Hill Country or Austin’s outlying areas.

Your Wedding Your Way- This organization works in Edinburgh and Glasgow and Scottish borders. Jen Doherty is one of their marriage officiate who holds weddings on eastern shores.

Website: https://www.punjabiwedding.com/wedding-vendors/wedding-officiants

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