Indian Wedding - Photography for Pre Wedding and Wedding Day

Indian Wedding - Photography for Pre Wedding and Wedding Day

June 26, 2018      Administrator

When we talk about your wedding, planning is just not a one day task. It is reciprocating a lifetime of memories. It is about capturing incredible moments, emotions, wedding rituals and what not? It is a story you can treasure forever. Moreover, it’s just not any story, it’s YOUR STORY!!!

Photography is one of the many ways of touching our lives. What you have caught on the lens is captured forever and the moments captured are so special that they become impossible to reproduce. A Wedding Photography is so different from any other type of photography. Wedding photography is an act of capturing the intricate and beautiful details on your day after hours and days of planning. 

Some tips for flawless wedding snaps:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to take photos from unusual angles. 
  • A touch of Bollywood is so much in trend. Couples long for Bollywood style glamorous wedding pictures and many brides prefer sassy poses rather than traditional bridal poses. 

It’s not just about a few beautiful photos of you and your partner, it’s an irreplaceable collection of all your wedding day’s details like your dress, venue, that lovely gaze in the couple’s eyes, the emotion of your guests, dancing, fun and frolic with your friends and relatives, rituals and most importantly the reaction on a father’s face as his daughter parts, shedding a tear and looks on with pride. It’s important for a wedding photographer to describe all the emotions through his snaps. 


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