Indian Wedding - Professional and Exclusive Wedding Photographers

Indian Wedding - Professional and Exclusive Wedding Photographers

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Weddings are all about Love right? The love that surrounds us and the reason we are all here. What better way to celebrate the essence of love than to be part of the most important day in the lives of two people who are deeply in love and give them memories that they will cherish forever. Wedding Photographs are the best medium of your marriage’s remembrances. Here we present you some Exclusive Wedding Photographers.

The House of Osman Ghani – The Studio House of Osman Ghani International, was established in 2001. They are originally based in London and Lahore but can travel anywhere across the world according to their client needs. They now have total 6 photographers. They have a passion to make this world a better place through their lovable wedding photographs. 
Oragraphy – Based in Gujrat, India, Oragraphy is a Wedding Photography firm which is now extending to other arenas like Fashion and Events Photography.  They have shot over 100 weddings domestically and around 15 weddings, internationally. They travel across the globe for shoots and irrespective of the location. They believe in creating outstanding natural wedding Photographs believe in creating the most convivial environment so that their clients are at ease and they are able to represent their most natural selves.

Greycard Photography- Brea, CA- They gather the best from your most splendid moments so that you can revisit them at your heart’s content which will help you to keep the magic of your special day alive, forever.


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