Sikh Wedding Mesmerize Custom and Ritual Celebrations

Sikh Wedding Mesmerize Custom and Ritual Celebrations

June 04, 2018      Administrator

Sikh wedding is all time colorful but seems incomplete without cultural and religious custom celebrations. Sikh is a rich and opulent culture unites two different people in a lifelong marriage relationship. The grand celebrations of Sikh wedding appear in pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies are great resources for getting fun and joyous. However, when it comes to their marriage alliance really seems simpler and traditionally unites the matchmaking couple forever. Because the religious practices take place in Gurudwara (Holy Place) where an officiant takes care of everything from lavaan to the last moment. Sikh bride and groom are sitting in front of Guru Granth Sahib to seek blessings of good luck and prosperity of this marriage alliance. Let's take look what’s most joyous celebrations cherish the mood of invitee guests and couple. 

Roka ceremony

Roka is a pre-wedding ceremony, which especially takes place to seek family approval by asking a girl’s hand for marriage alliance. It is basically a happy commencement of matrimonial customs and rituals, however if everything goes well both family proceed this discussion for next happenings. 

Kudmaai Ceremony

Both families get excited to take this grand function typically a formal engagement where the boy and girl exchanges engagement ring. Exchanging ring is a symbol of love and lifelong commitment to stay loyal and caring forever towards each other. 

Haldi ceremony

Haldi ceremony is another pre-wedding occasion where all neighbours participate in both family ceremony to paste haldi on girls hands & feet and groom too. It is a blend of turmeric and mustard oil pasted on their body to bring an extra glow of bride and groom. This is to make them look charming for a wedding ceremony. 


Mehendi is also an interesting and fun-filled ceremony to create an artistic and prettier design to bring her stand out unique among the crowd because all the eyes will be on her wedding outfit. This creative, beautiful mehendi design adorns bridal beauty for a wedding. In recent mehendi designs, bride keeps the hidden name of her best man in its awesome design. 


Everyone loves sangeet ceremony comprises dance, music-masti and fun. All family members and relatives have dance fun on traditional songs to enjoy with together and clicking selfies, photos and video records to memorize such a pleasant ceremony. 


A groom and baraat visit towards wedding venue with a band and music for the entire journey. It is really very interesting and joyful journey of a prince charming.

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