The Most Beautiful and Coolest Jaimalas for Punjabi Wedding

The Most Beautiful and Coolest Jaimalas for Punjabi Wedding

June 06, 2018      Administrator

Jaimala is an awesome wedding ceremony cherishes the mood of Punjabi couple because they first time come together for exchanging wedding garlands. This is the coolest idea of choosing a colorful and prettier varmala for your dreaming princess. Jaimala is considered the most pleasant matrimonial ceremony what brings a couple together by commencing their love story at very first look at each other. In the modern marriages bride and groom get excited to elaborate their wedding ceremony with so many extra pleasant affairs. Since the jaimala ceremony was a traditional and simpler affair, but in these modern days this a wow sound making ceremony. Typically, jaimala is significantly made from fresh, fragrant flowers symbolizes the sacred union of a bride and groom. It comes in varied designs and patterns in heavier designs including vibrant colors of fresh flowers. A groom visits towards the wedding venue for exchanging garland with his future better half. Let's take a look at the prettiest and gorgeous wedding garlands here: 

Botanical Jaimala 

Botanical jaimala is looking beautiful and gorgeous made with fresh flowers and foliage. This is a prettier and simpler, but looks so modern and trendy with the Punjabi couple’s dressing style on a wedding day. It is an eye-catching steal worthy suits to your marriage outfit. Don’t miss this chance of buying fresh floral and foliage garland for your pretty bride to be.

All White Jaimala

This is an amazingly important wedding accessory looks royal. It is very bright and beautiful including a good color combination entirely gives you an amazing feel for wearing such a pretty garland. A Punjabi groom buys it for his princess that harmonizes them for marriage alliance. 

Classic Red and White Jaimala

Classic red is a symbol of love makes a happy commencement between bride and groom. No other color combination can beat such a pretty and good-looking classic red and white Jaimala. Basically, a red color is known as an auspicious color for a bride to be either in its wedding costume and garland. 

Jaimala with Pearls

Jaimala with pearls is an excellent steal worthy jaimala for a newlywed couple. It is a promising ceremony where bride and groom commit to staying loyal and caring forever towards each other. A wedding is incomplete without Jaimala thus, you are guided never forget to pick up a nice well-decorated garland for bride to be. 

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