Punjabi Wedding - Wedding Cars for Bride and Groom

Punjabi Wedding - Wedding Cars for Bride and Groom

June 26, 2018      Administrator

You definitely want to match your wedding theme with your car isn't it? Whether it’s a Rustic Wedding, a Beach Wedding, an All-White Wedding or the Extravagant Indian Wedding you can sure include your wedding car in the theme. Some couples choose the cars based on their badge and marque while others on how they will look in their wedding photographs. Some choose cars on the basis of their sentimental values or a brand preference while some choose the cars by seeing them closely and sitting in them. 

What are the most popular wedding cars? 

Well, this is a bit hard to answer as people have a different tastes. 

  • Range Rover is the most preferred wedding car because of its luxury. The raised ride height and adjustable suspension makes it wedding dress friendly!
  • In Australia, Vintage limos are popular. Limousines are fantastic for large bridal parties. The Chrysler 300c is most popular amongst limos, with brides and grooms feeling like royalty when sat inside.
  • For a Vintage Wedding, the hand-built limousine- AAA Yorkdale Limousine is great.
  • The Rolls Royce Ghost is a blessing for the UK weddings, providing its timelessness and traditional qualities.
  • The DHC is a very special Indian wedding car. It is the flagship model in the Rolls Royce range. It is the most expensive car in India.
  • Jaguars are a very popular choice as they look unique and great in wedding photos.

So young couples, get ready to shift the gear of your Wedding Car!!

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