Punjabi Wedding - Different types of the Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding

Punjabi Wedding - Different types of the Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding

June 26, 2018      Administrator

Your hair frames your face, it can put emphasis on certain features. Here are the different bridal hairstyles to make your tresses look gorgeous as the rest of you!

Long-Hair Styles:

  1. Wavy Side Curls - The brides with long tresses can do their hair like a down parted to one side, which is wavy at the top and features curls at the bottom.
  2. Braided Ponytail - This hairstyle is for those with long tresses and the Mini Bouffant adds the glamour. When paired with a Maang Tikka, it makes an Indian bridal hairstyle.
  3. Side Swept Bun - Brides with both long and short hair can choose this. A low hanging bun adds beauty as it is accentuated with a side swept bun.
  4. South Indian Plait - A long plait is the essence of the Classic South Indian Weddings. Flowers and adornments are worked into the hair.

Short Hair-styles

  1. Flapper Hairdo - One of the best hairstyles that look extremely stylish for the wedding. Even Kanagana Ranaut opts for this 20s flapper hairdo!
  2. Low Messy Chignon - This compliments your rustic bridal attire. This will add a spark if you are having a barn wedding.
  3. Pixie - It looks great with a cute short veil, and is often accessorized with an Alice band and chandelier earrings. 
  4. Short curly hair - On your wedding day you should celebrate your curls. Miniature silk flowers look superb in short curly hair.

So Brides to Be! Give a try to these beautiful hairstyles.

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