Indian Wedding - Wedding Gifts Ideas for Grooms and Brides

Indian Wedding - Wedding Gifts Ideas for Grooms and Brides

June 26, 2018      Administrator

After the successful accomplishment of your wedding's festivities, it's time for the return gifts. You must thank your near and dear guests that they became a part of your auspicious wedding celebrations. They not only invested their time but money, efforts and a lot affection for you.

From take-home mini food items to clothes, from wine to succulents, the custom guest gift options are endless! You can design custom-made gifts like personalized wedding favors that will make your nuptials the talk of the town. Viola!
Although, wedding favors & gifts vary across traditions and countries, there are few things which almost every couple can offer their guests according to their own budgets and relation-closeness.

Sweets- A very common gift across the world. Sweets are loved by a majority of people. Ex. Cupcakes, Indian sweets like gulab jamun, ladoos etc.

Clothes – A useful gift for everybody despite of their age or gender. The general gifting clothes in India are: sari, salwar-suit etc.

Bedsheets-set- A customized bed sheets-set will make your guests remember your wedding affair for long. You can either get your names, wedding date or photos printed on them.

Silver/Gold coins- These are expensive and this way you can flaunt your class. These serve as a life-long remembrance of your marriage. You can get your names and wedding date imprinted on the coins as well.

Blankets – very common gift in Punjabi weddings.

Just make sure you and your spouse grab some for yourselves before they're gone!


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