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SNV wedding gallery welcomes you to our exclusive website. We are setting out the proper agreement for using our website. For this agreement you will be treated as a ‘User’. We provide the excellent services designated as ‘Service’ and ‘Vendors’ that user may be in touch with will be directed to as “Vendor”.

Punjabi Wedding is a big day event or function that requires a lot of arrangements and facilities thus User comes to choose Vendor services for wedding occasion. Punjabi Wedding acts as a venue for vendors and purchasers of wedding services to exchange information with the ultimate aim of forming a business relationship. Punjabi Wedding will not surely guarantee that the user will eventually find a vendor according to his or her choice. Thus, Punjabi Wedding doesn’t include any agreement formality between user and vendor. User can have a chance to examine the honesty, reliability, capability and experience of any Vendor by communicating for customizing his or her arrangements though this website.

The vendor's availability on this website doesn’t commit for any support to subscribe any Vendor service. Sikh wedding never give any statement regarding the any Vendor’s ability, integrity etc. Punjabi Wedding doesn’t examine the potential and reliability of any Vendor.

User can easily understand and assume that Punjabi Wedding is not responsible for any misunderstanding, quarrels and claim or lawsuit that Vendor and User may be against each other arising from the use of this website and Service.

User has an apparent idea that there is no charge of free to User for the use of this service, while Vendor pays fee to SNV Wedding Gallery Inc. in case of using this service and seeks business from User.

You need to sign up for PunjabiWedding.com to receive assent and communication from us electronically and phones regarding exclusive offers or other website information for reference.

PunjabiWedding.com may send emails and notification alerts infrequently. After agreeing with these terms and conditions I authorize PunjabiWedding.com (SNV Wedding Gallery) to update through emails, notifications and occasional best offers.

User gets agree that Sikh Wedding is not liable for any harmful activity service may be the cause. User is ultimately satisfied that insure and hold Punjabi Wedding completely harmless in all the ways. User further agrees that the defense and indemnity will include unlimited attorney’s fees.

Punjabi Wedding may change the agreement any time. Punjabi Wedding protects the rights to discontinue the website notice further. Punjabi Wedding reserves the authority to make some changes for the company name and domain name any time and all the contract will carry anew with the new name. User accepts that Punjabi Wedding will not be responsible to User or any third party for betterment or expiration of the service. User agrees that any expiry of service may occur without alerting before as well as Punjabi Wedding may instantly delete data and records in the User’s account and bar any next access to the files.

User acknowledges that the use of Service is his or her own risk. Punjabi Wedding apparently makes clear all the doubts by disclaiming all the warranties. Punjabi Wedding never makes any commitment to ensure the services are appropriate or inappropriate for the User’s requirement. Punjabi Wedding disclaim the Vendor’ s services are error free, reliable and accurate on time everything is in your hand also the choice is yours. Punjabi Wedding never guarantee the service purchased or information you got for any transaction or payment. No suggestion or recommendation neither written nor oral.

User Profile Review is an open record where previous client may have posted any comment or review about their services and experience with their Vendors. This is a considerable point to remember because this is a single source that may give you any idea or indication to know more about their services. Reviews are unfiltered and regularly, unless derogatory. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to inform SikhWedding.com for any unexpected review. At the moment PunjabiWedding.com has an authority to accept or reject the review.

Punjabi Wedding will not be responsible for any direct or occasionally happening from the use of inability to use the Service, including but not limited to any damage caused by Vendor in dealing with User. After, this User acknowledges that Sikh Wedding will not liable for any bad resulting, damages, hindrance and suspension and timeline of service whether all these happening are the caused of carelessness or intentionally.

Any issue or quarrels arising out of this agreement, involving any voice for violation or the terms of the agreement will be extricate under the rules of the British Columbia. The judgment will be conducted in the territory of British Columbia, and any court having jurisdiction thereof may enter judgment of the arbitration prize. In any case or provision of this agreement is considered to be invalid or illegal in any respect as written, the parties’ purpose for any arbitrator commenting this Agreement to modify or limit such provision so as to render it valid and enforceable to the enough extent agreeable by law. The provision of this agreement are varying that means if any part is found to be unenforceable thus, provision will be deemed served, and other will be normally remained valid and viable.