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Astro Guru Nirish - Best Astrologer in Delhi
I Nirish Thakur strongly believe in the power of Astrology and always be passionate to use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of peoples. I have been professionally practising the horoscope reading since 2000, I have enormous experience in horoscope reading, match making and gemstone suggestion.

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Horoscope is the compact format, which is use to analyse the position of stars at the time of birth of an individual or entity. This format can be  establish by using some basic details like date of birth, place of birth, time of birth. You just have to provide three details to analyse your horoscope and we will answer your all questions related to that horoscope immediately.

Match making is the process of matching two horoscopes with each other in order to understand the similar properties of both horoscopes. This is analysed when we search for an ideal match for life partner (Bride/ Groom).
Now days there are many cases of divorce and separation due to lack of knowledge or disbelief about this subject. If one has the basic details of both bride and groom, they must try to match their horoscopes before fix the marriage as there may be Mangalik Dosh in any of their horoscope. Manglik Dosh may be very harmful if not taken care before marriage it may cause divorce or end up with the life-threatening situation.


Gemstones are the pieces of valuable stones, which are used as remedies to solve the horoscopic problems in effective and efficient manner. Suggestion of the suitable stones are provided after analysing the horoscope. Essential weight of the gemstone is advised to the clients.

We also provide the gemstones to our clients at very low cost compare to the market. Our gemstones are certified in labs and have the testing certificate along with them. We recommend our clients to buy gemstones from us because of the quality, originality, novelty of the gemstones.

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